The new annual social gathering for all of Europe's roller derby community to enjoy the fun side of competition and train with the world's best coaches!



Let's face it, we skate, train and hit hard.  We love what we do and derby is more than a hobby. Its a passion and a community!

The European Derby Convention is here to give all of Europe's derby players, official, announcers, supporters and cohorts a chance to come together and enjoy that community over beers and fun.

With challenge bouts, you get to play with the skaters you usually play against or meet new friends, or skate with your heroes.  When its not about the win or loose, we get to play for the love of the game.



No Derby get together would be complete without the chance to train and improve your game!  Track Advantage is committed to bringing the best of training to Europe, and this event is here to knock your skates off!

With all the world class trainers listed above, you are guaranteed the most current on and off skates material to improve your own game or take back to your team.

With the summer break in full effect, there is no better way to relax, have fun, and be a part then Euro Derby Con!

Baller Shot Caller Atlanta Rollergirls
Bomba Hache A Coruna Roller Derby/CIB Spain
Brawn Swanson Denver Roller Dolls
Freight Train Texas Rollergirls
Furrrocious Amsterdam Derby Dames
Kid Block London Rollergirls
Lady Trample Victoria Roller Derby League
Lil Slinky Stockholm Roller Derby
Maurine Filip Stockholm Roller Derby
Missy Rascal Rainy City Roller Derby
Rachel Rotten Angel City Derby Girls
Rosie Peacock Glasgow Men's Roller Derby
Satan's Little Helper Angel City Derby Girls
Sausarge Rolls Victory Roller Derby League
Scald Eagle Denver Roller Dolls
Tarantula Rose City Roller Derby
ZipBlok Philly Roller Girls


Challenge Bouts
Training Sessions
Scavenger Hunt
Ice Cream Social
Beach Party
Skate the Beach
Costume Party
Merch Trade
Lip Sync Battle
Roller Derby BINGO