WFTDA Euro Derby Con Recognized Clinic

Welcome to your one stop spot for all things "official" at Euro Derby Con! We are stoked to have our officials clinic expanding and joining the WFTDA's Recognized program.  The Curriculum is still in development and will be flexible until about mid-May, so we can take feedback from all our participants and make sure its geared toward you! 

  1. To join the clinic you just have to purchase an event ticket in the options below.  The event ticket give you access to ALL parts of EDC and the Clinic classes at no extra ticket fee.
  2. The schedule is set, you can register for specific classes here.
  3. To officiate in Challenge Games, you can register here.
  4. And finally check out the whole schedule for all the other events you want to participate in! 
  PettiChoke  Level 3 WFTDA Certified NSO

PettiChoke Level 3 WFTDA Certified NSO

7 years in the making, the THNSO for the 2018 Roller Derby World Cup brings her knowledge and sarcasm to Barcelona for the first time.  NSOing on 4 continents (and plans brewing for the other 3!) Petti brings a wealth of experience from rookie lineups to WFTDA Playoffs. She probably also brings a tonne of pictures of her dog, have been warned!  If you want to learn the supreme skills of cat herding within the world of officiating...or how to get your skills up to being selected for international tournaments...Petti is your go to person.

  Jens Hötger     Level 2 WFTDA Certified Official

Jens Hötger Level 2 WFTDA Certified Official

Jens is exploring the derby world since 2009. Until 2016 primary as a coach and in his current incarnation as an official. Being a member of OffCom, WFTDA's Officials Committee and travelling all over Europe to officiate, there might be a bit to pick from. Based on the motto "Jens puts the höt in Hötger" he'll try to bring you knowledge, new ideas and approaches to look onto officiating and enhance your skill set hot off the press. If he ever retires he aims for a synchronised dance skating team with Dire, coached by Petti. <3

  Dire Wolff  Level 3 WFTDA Certified Official

Dire Wolff Level 3 WFTDA Certified Official

If you’re in Barcelona for the pintxos or vermouth, or maybe even just for the skating and lip-sync battles, but definitely not for hours and hours of Rules-talk, better steer away from Dire Wolff. Dire’s passion is reading rules discussions, trying to find the Golden Ratio between the Rules as writ and common sense discretion. For flaunting Rules knowledge on the Facebook is all fun and games, but applying them consistently, fair and most of all without getting yelled at, is a different kind of roll-game. At Euro Derby Con, Dire will make sure to beat Jens at backwards skating and warn Petti’s husband for pedestrians ... So expect some great shared sessions full of love for each other, and of course officiating.


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