Are tickets too expensive?  Want to be part of the action? Are you a derby photographer or announcer? Euro Derby Con wants you!  We NEED all sorts of volunteers, a lot of them, your help makes this possible!  

What does it mean to volunteer?
Volunteers are attendees that assist in making event run.  Everything from track maintenance and setting up stands, to scoreboard set up and checking tickets.  Positions are available for all sorts of skills.

Volunteers will receive a refund on their ticket price for hours spent volunteering.  The breakdown is really simple.
10 hours - 25% off ticket price and a free volunteer T-Shirt
20 hours - 50% off ticket price and a free volunteer T-Shirt
More than 20 Hours - 100% off ticket price and 100% off next years ticket

free ticket to this and next years event, roster spot in high level expo bouts, a free volunteer T-Shirt

We will accept all volunteers help in order to lighten the load and ensure that even managers get to enjoy the event. To apply to be a volunteer or manager fill out the application located at the bottom of the page.

You can apply to be a volunteer at any point before or after purchasing a ticket.  Your refund will be paid back after the event only if the agreed upon volunteer hours are met. 

For a general volunteer position please indicate whatever special skills you have that will help us to position you most effectively and how many hours you would like to volunteer!  Photographers and full time Announcers get in FREE! There are a limited number of spots so apply early and please include the days you are available!