Baller Shot Caller

I currently skate with The Atlanta Rollergirls and have been playing roller derby for 7 years and coaching for about 4 and half. My background is in personal training and coaching. I also played almost every sport when I was growing up.  I am a pivot for Atlanta and in the past I have been a primary jammer. With experience in both areas, I am able to coach all the things! My style of coaching is very outgoing, and fun and at the same time, informational. It brings me joy to break concepts, strategies and maneuvers down to help others better understand so they can be the best skater they can be.

Ballistic Whistle

Since 2006, Ballistic has had the luxury of wearing many of the different derby hats. From referee, to player and coach. He has been lucky enough to participate in a wide variety of events, from international tournaments to individual training sessions. Over those years he has coached thousands of skaters at over a hundred different events from bootcamps to working with specific teams. Bundled with his WFTDA, MRDA, and World Cup Men's and Women's tournament cycle experience, his guest coaching events have helped him develop as a coach, player, and learn the differences we all have with our learning and playing styles.

Brawn Swanson

Named the 2016 WFTDA Championships All Tournament MVP, Brawn is a blocker of great skill and great heart.  They have extended experience of teamwork at the highest level of the game, playing for years with Rose City Rollers and now with Denver Roller Derby.  Brawn brings humor and fun to hard work

Erin Jackson

Erin Jackson skates for Jacksonville Roller Derby's New Jax City Rollers out of Jacksonville, Florida and represents Bont Skates. She is also a member of the USA Roller Derby team for the 2018 World Cup. This is Erin's 5th season of roller derby, but she has been a top inline speed skater for 14 years. Some of her biggest achievements in derby have been earning a spot with USA Roller Derby, receiving the Tournament MVP award at a WFTDA Playoff, and representing Jacksonville in the WFTDA Championships the past two years.


Furrrocious excels at giving personal feedback to individual skaters and on group level. She breaks down skills and strategies so even the beginner skater will understand, while presenting the most current material. Entering her 8th year with the Amsterdam Roller Derby, Furrr has been involved in all aspects of the game. Heavily involved with the training and coaching inside and outside her league with different teams and bootcamps, she's also coached Amsterdam's B-team for 4 years. A coach and line up manager for the Dutch National Men’s Team, Furr was a captain for Team Netherlands at the women’s Roller Derby World Cup in Dallas 2014.

Juke Boxx

A lifelong skater and rink rat, she is a skater with London Rollergirls, London Brawling. and has been playing derby since 2008. A Team USA member since it’s inception, Juke has travelled around the world as both an athlete and a coach. She has a very distinct style of skating and brings that to her coaching. It is very technical, while being encouraging and warm. This combo will help open your eyes to a new level of learning and awareness in your skating and strategy.

Lady Trample

Founder of Chicks in Bowls, VRDL Jammer and self professed skate addict. Since 2012, Trample has been balancing her love of Roller Derby with bowl skating. A ‘controversial' cross training option in some minds, when you see her take to the bowl you’ll see just how freeing and fun park skating is. Trample has coached around the world and gets the most pleasure out of nurturing new skaters, breaking down the ‘unknowns' and focusing on the fundamentals to ensure a long and loving relationship between the skater and the bowl. “It's all about patience and progressing at your own rate. Finding the tricks that inspire and excite you and just enjoying the experience of learning”.

Lexi Lightspeed

Lexi Lightspeed of London Rollergirls, London Brawling and Team England Roller Derby. Currently in her 7th season, skated in the 2014 world cup and 3 full tournament seasons with LRG. Lexi loves the process of learning new skills and problem solving, often thinking of new ways to explain a skill or technique, creating those lightbulb moments.

Master Blaster

With going on 9 years of roller derby training experience, Master Blaster specialises in digging out the root of what makes a technique or strategy effective.  Learn new skills and (more importantly) new approaches to playing the game.  She has played for 2 Division 2 cycles with Bear City Roller Derby, the 2014 World Cup Tournament in Dallas with Team Germany and for the London Rollergirls, London Brawling.

Maurine Filip

Although most often found on track jamming for Stockholm Roller Derby or with Team Sweden preparing for the next world cup, Maurine is involved in most dimensions or roller derby. She can also be found officiating local derby in Stockholm, on the board for Stockholm Roller Derby and the Swedish skating association, and coaching both in Sweden and abroad. As a fresh-out-of-uni psychology major, she is excited meet derby people from far and wide to discuss sports psychology and to share her knowledge.

Rachel Rotten

Now in her 7th season with the Angel City Derby Girls, Hollywood Scarlets, she has competed at the past 6 WFTDA playoffs, with their first appearance at Championships in 2013, they return every year since.  "Some teams have a legacy to uphold, I have the unique experience of being part of a team that had to create that from the bottom up, and scrape to the top together.  It has shaped how I play the game and work to sustain competitiveness.

Rogue Runner

London Brawling Co-captain and Jammer has been coaching for the past 5 years. Her go to topics are jamming techniques and she loves to coach jammer content with a more strategic approach. Her work as a personal trainer and founder of Fitness Gone Rogue (a roller derby fitness site) really influences her coaching. Most recently her research into Movement Neurology and Bio-mechanics has allowed her coaching style to include a real break down of the movement patterns required and how that works in the body including the correct muscle initiation and analysis. She also really likes to skate fast.

Satan's Little Helper

Raquel Davila, aka Satan’s Little Helper, found Roller Derby in 2007 at age 17 and is currently going on her 10th year competing. She currently competes with The Angel City Derby Girls (currently ranked 4 in WFTDA) as a top scoring Jammer. Satan holds all skaters to the highest standard of their ability, while encouraging ones unique growth in their Derby journey. Satan has been honorably selected as a jammer on team USA Roller Derby. As a trainer she thrives on the artistic side of derby, providing the building blocks needed to accomplish skills focused on speed, agility, patience, and resourcefulness. Satan is very encouraging and loves to see skaters succeed. Her energy and love for this sport is highly contagious.

Scald Eagle

Scald Eagle found derby in the summer of 2010 and has never looked back. Entering her 7th season with Denver Roller Derby's Allstar team the Mile High Club, 2017 is sure to be an adventure. The two time WFTDA Champion has been named DNN's 2011 Rookie of the Year, 2011 Western Regionals MVP, the 2015 Dallas Divisional All Tournament MVP, and the 2015 WFTDA Championships All Tournament MVP. She is incredibly honored to be a team member of the 2014 and 2018 USA Roller Derby teams, and has loved traveling the globe teaching roller derby.

Smarty Pants

Nadia Kean, aka Smarty Pants, creates an interactive learning environment when she coaches, utilizing teaching techniques that she has developed over the past year 15 years of coaching. She coaches many concepts and is perhaps best known for introducing athletes to strength and power recruitment for jamming and blocking. Her articulate nature leaves the athletes in her session with new information to consider and the freedom to pursue their own ideas, many of which were develped during her session. Nadia is the owner of Get Smarty Coaching, Strong Athletic and the writer behind “Smarty’s Little Book of Secrets” a coaching book which will be released in the spring.


Swede Hurt

Swede Hurt's Team Pedigree includes the world's best!  From Rat City to Gotham Girls Roller Derby, Team Sweden to Stockholm Roller Derby, she has skated with the best!  Her coaching is direct, specific, and exactly what you need to bring your team together!

Whippin' Red Siren

Whippin’ Red Siren (Sofie Wentholt) is a founding member of Rotterdam Roller Derby (September 2010). She skates for their A-team, the Death Row Honeys and Team Netherlands (Co-captain in Dallas 2014, selected for Manchester 2018). Usually she is put on track as a jammer, but she can rock as a blocker as well. She gives training to all levels within RRD and is bench coach for the Rotterdam Killer Bees. You might also find her talking through a microphone, giving the European audience her look on what happens on the roller derby track. Proud member of the roller derby over 40 Facebook group



Kirahvi has been an Non Skating Official with Kallio Rolling Rainbow since 2012. Since then she has officiated 1.26 games/week on average, while collected a staggering amount of random stats and unicorn knick knack. In addition to wearing shiny WFTDA, MRDA and Umlaut patches, she can often be seen covered in glitter as well as handing out Brause like it’s candy. She loves talking about officials development within your league, self assessment strategies and how to work together as a crew to make derby happen no matter the circumstance. She's one of the THNSOs for the Roller Derby World Cup 2018 and looking forward to it!


Shref hails from the cloudy isle of Ireland and is affiliated to Dublin Roller Derby but they rarely see him as he is away all the time with derby. When not trying to poison everyone with Brause and vodka and single handedly buying all the beer at the afterparty he can be found on the track reffing. He has been involved as a referee since 2010 and has over 400 games currently under his belt. He has reffed in 17 countries and some of them will even let him back in after his antics. Some of the tournaments he has been Crew Head that you might know are SKOD, Mens European Cup, West Track Story, Sci-fight, Slip it, ERDT and The Womens World Cup. There are many things you can learn from him. How to IPR with the best of them, How to build rapport with captains and bench staff and how to drink like you have 2 livers. Favourite quote: "My drinking friends have a derby problem."

Wonder Zebra

Wonder Zebra likes to travel the world to officiate roller derby at all levels of game play, from local scrimmages and fun events to playoffs and a world cup final. He has therefore been building up experience on adaptation to context. He likes to analyse what works, what doesn't, and why. He also likes to identify what can be improved, and how. He applies this systematic approach at every level of officiating, from making the right call to developing into a better official.