Q: Who is Euro Derby Con for?
A: EVERYONE! Beginner Skaters, Advanced Skaters, Officials and anyone in and around the sport of roller derby!  

Are you new to the sport? This is an awesome chance to get some great training, skate some fun games and hang out in the sunshine with other skaters, just as excited as you about.  Meet the veteran skaters you look up to and make new friends!

Are you a veteran of the sport?  Let's be honest, with the intensive training schedules, league building and tough competition, this is just what the doctor ordered. After the qualification season, this is your chance to play with your friends from other teams, you're always playing against.  This is the chance to relax and bask in the glory that is our sport... with beer.

Are you off skates? No problem, we've got events for everyone from vendors to parties to seminars and more!  

Q: What is a Challenge Game and How can I organise or sign up for one?
A: Challenge games are fun 60 min bouts (2X20 min. periods) with two self organised themed teams.  Examples are: 

  • RUN DMC vs. Aerosmith
  • Batman vs. Superman
  • Star Trek vs. Star Wars
  • Derby Names vs. Legal Names

A: Want to propose a game for Euro Derby Con?  Super! We have a set number of Challenge Spots available. Just follow these steps: 

1. Team Organisers are Captains. Establish your team theme, name, color.  
2. Recruit your roster and bench coaches on the EDC Challenge Bouts Facebook Group.
3. Submit your rosters with names and numbers to us by May 31st via the online registration form.
4. Create your team uniforms/costumes and helmet covers.

Q: Can I get a day pass or set pass for trainings?
A: No, we have tickets priced super low to accommodate everyone and allow you to take advantage of trainings at the event.  If we only sold training tickets to some people, then not everyone would have a chance to train. This way, everyone can participate fully.

Q: Can I get a discounted price? 
A: You can sign up to volunteer for the event and get anywhere from 25-100% of your ticket discounted.  Click on the volunteer tab above for details.  We would LOVE to have your help.  This event is only possible because of volunteers!

Q: How do I sign up for training and seminars?  
A: The main ticket for EDC gets you into the event for the scrimmages, bouts, social events and shopping.  You can sign up for each training session in advance, either in person or online.  There are 30 on-skates spaces available for each session and an unlimited number of spectator places.  First come, first serve.  Each session on-skates is 15€, each spectator/off skates/seminar spot is 10€.

Online sign up is available now!  Once you pay for a training session, there are no refunds available. All classes will be available for online purchase up to 1 hour before the class begins, so you can buy tickets at anytime. If you decide to join a class at EDC, that's no problem. You just pay cash to the volunteers at the venue.

Just go to euroderbycon.com/trainers and click on the course OR use the event schedule and click on the course name for the link.

Q: Is there a registration deadline?
A: Nope, you can also by tickets at the door, but the price increases to 150€ for the 4 days.

Q: How do I sign up to be an official?
A: Click on the registration tab in the menu above and read through the details there.

Q: Come to the costume party without a costume?  
A. Of course, but there is prize for the best costume.....