Challenge games are fun 45 min bouts with two self organised themed teams.  2X 20 min periods with a 5 min halftime.

Examples are: 

  • RUN DMC vs. Aerosmith
  • Batman vs. Superman
  • Star Trek vs. Star Wars
  • Derby Names vs. Legal Names

Do you want to propose a game for Euro Derby Con?  Super! We have a limited number of challenge spots available. Just follow these steps: 

1. Team Organisers are Captains. Establish your challenge level and team theme, name, color.  
2. Recruit your roster and bench coaches
3. Submit your rosters with names and numbers to us by May 31st to
4. Create your team uniforms/costumes and helmet covers

Do you want to officiate the challenge bouts?  Register soon to be staffed for games!


A is European Allstar Level, skaters on the the top level of WFTDA play

B is skaters who are Allstars in their leauge and/or B-team Team players from higher level teams. Have played for several years

C is skaters that play for their league's B-team or A-team in newer leagues, or C-teams if they come from a very high ranked team. They have usually played for two years or more and have plenty of bouting experience

D is for skaters that have bouted or done extensive scrimmage, but are fairly new.

There can be:
A challenges
A/B challenges

B challenges
B/C challenges
C challenges
C/D challenges